T.ET.T is a work that combines different branches of knowledge, including archaeology, history, ufology, science and science fiction - as well as a touch of art.

This book, which some may refer to as controversial, is a work in progress, as it continues to mature and develop - but regardless, it is recommended as an important lecture for our contemporary times.

T.ET.T has not a rich literary formalism, but endeavours to solve and speculate through newly presented theories and hypotheses, some of the mysteries of man's past and future as a race in this vast universe.

We dearly hope to spike the interest of young and old alike and those less familiar with the extraterrestrial phenomenon.

However, we leave it to the individual to draw from this work their own conclusions and inspiration.



Pyramid Monkey Lines on Nazca Desert, Peru: Three pyramids.  Eight discs and a laser to cut the rock.  As a genital organ, the imitator monkey...man must copy the brothers of the stars.